From Farm to Pharmacy
– A modern approach for traditional medicine

APOTEC range of products are backed by a group of scientific expertise with 15 years of international experience in Nutritional Health. We applied the invaluable treasure of traditional medicine that has been developed over thousands of years to modern health supplement to quest for human well-being.

Every Apotec products are specially formulated based on the uniqueness of each traditional herbs span across Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western to improve the different symptoms of ailments. Our wide array of health products covers from inner wellness to outer appearance, all backed by science. It also caters across a diverse age ranges to meet the needs of our customers from different life stages.

The Company invests in herbal farming. One of the largest herbal farms in Malaysia with total acreage of approximately 1304 acres. We make sure that every raw material use is under stringent standards to ensure purity and effective of products. Our farm adheres to Malaysian Good Agriculture Practise (MyGAP) issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry that require good practices of agriculture in the context of social and environment, ensuring high quality and safety in consumption of produce, as well as preservation of natural ecosystem.

At Apotec, we bring forth our commitment to provide sustainable solutions based on innovative sciences and carefully selected raw materials to the manufacturing with a vision to further improve quality of life for all by complimentary traditional herbs in modern medicine.

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